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Introducing Leaderboard Pro

Tools for the Game You Love!

Tools for the Game You Love!

We’re excited to announce the launch of Leaderboard Pro, our new premium membership! Pro is chock full of new features requested by our community:

Enhanced stats and history

See how your scores, handicap, and stats are trending over time.

Fill up your map as you play new courses across the country and around the world.

See where you’re missing fairways and greens–and whether that swing change is making a difference.

Automatic Press Tracking

Up the stakes with press bets on Nassau and Match Play games and let Leaderboard do the work.

Simply keep score for your group, watch the wagers stack, check in for live updates, and see how much you’ve won when it’s time to settle up.

Watch App Scoring

The watch is here!

Want to use Leaderboard on the course while your phone is in your bag? Download our new WatchOS app to use GPS, keep score and track stats for your whole group.

There’s more: alongside our Pro launch comes a new free GPS version of the Apple Watch app that gives you scorecard info and real-time front, center and back yardages to the green. Fire up the watch and plan your way around the course.

Post-round Insights

See how your stats from your latest round stack up against your historical performance.

Penalty Tracking

Log penalty strokes and see their impact on your scores over time.

We’re just getting started: Pro members will also get access to a lot of exciting, Pro-only features we’re either actively developing or have planned for this fall and winter.

Keep an eye out for more updates soon 👀.

We’d love to get your feedback on Pro and hear about what you want us to build next! Tell us about it here.

Have fun and hit ‘em straight!


Leaderboard Team

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