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Do you run point for your golf group? Leaderboard Pro could help you ditch manual scoring (and math) and make the experience even more fun for your crew. Reach out to us below if you're interested in discounted pricing for your group!

Our platform is perfect for regular weekend money games, golf trips and large scale events. Leaderboard Pro offer features that make events more fun for participants, and enhance the every-round tracking experience for group members beyond the tournament:


Groups and Events

  • Live scoring for up to 100 players

  • Wager tracking, with real-time updates on where players stand on money games

  • Popular game formats to support a majority of the games groups play, including Stroke Play, Stableford, Match Play, Nassau, Scramble, Alternate Shot and Chapman

  • Optional Skins Pots alongside any game type

  • Side games, a new wager-tracking engine that allows players to track unlimited games at the same time against any player or team in any group on the course

  • Autopress tracking for Nassau and Match Play wagers

Stats, tracking, and history

  • WatchOS scoring to enter strokes and stats for you and your playing partners

  • Enhanced stats and trends with filterable time scales, offering deeper insights into performance metrics

  • Enriched user profiles, including a comprehensive history of handicap trends, a global map showcasing rounds played worldwide, and customizable stats and scoring graphs

  • Penalty tracking, showing golfers how many strokes they’re giving away

  • Post-round stats recaps, highlighting key performance indicators against historical averages

A home for your group

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