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Leaderboard Now Tracks Your Lifetime Personal Records

View new records in the feed and lifetime gross and net records in profile stats.

Dillon from Leaderboard

November 4, 2022

View new records in the feed and lifetime gross and net records in profile stats.

We all remember our low rounds, but what about other golf personal records? Starting today, Leaderboard will automatically track a host of personal records for every user.

In addition to low round, users can see their most pars in a round, most GIR, best stretch of five holes, and more. Distinct records are kept for 9 vs. 18 hole rounds, and for users that have linked their official Handicap Index, net records are also available.

Records are automatically calculated every time you post on Leaderboard.

Here is the full list of records so far:

  • High Round

  • Low Round

  • Most Birdies or Better

  • Most Pars

  • Fewest Bogeys or Worse

  • Best 5 Hole Streak

  • Most Fairways Hit

  • Most GIR

  • Fewest Putts

Have an idea for a record we should add? Let us know here.

Get started with records by viewing your stats page in your profile!

Update to version 1.4 to take advantage of this update.

Note: Version 1.4 has been released in stages, and will be available to download by 11/10/2022.

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