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Chicago District Golf Association Partners with Leaderboard

Partnership brings new benefits for CDGA members

Partnership brings new benefits for CDGA members

CHICAGO, Illinois, – The Chicago District Golf Association (CDGA), an Allied Golf Association of the USGA® and a membership organization consisting of more than 103,000 individual golfers and 400 clubs, today announced a partnership with Leaderboard, a venture-backed mobile application for golfers. The partnership, aimed at offering additional benefits to CDGA members, will integrate Leaderboard’s mobile experience with the CDGA’s technology platform and allow members to link their CDGA accounts, post scores to their Handicap Index®, and view their scoring record on top of the social and on-course features offered on Leaderboard.

The CDGA had been planning to invest in additional on-course gaming and GPS features for some time based on feedback from their membership. “Partnering with Leaderboard has helped us realize our vision much sooner and allowed us to offer our members a best-in-class experience,” said Robert Markionni, Executive Director at the CDGA. “We also really like that our members will receive more benefits as Leaderboard continues to grow and offer additional games and other features to the application,” said Markionni.

On top of a direct integration that lets golfers play and post scores to their CDGA accounts, members will get access to the rest of Leaderboard’s growing feature set. The app supports handicapped games like nassau, match play, skins and nines, and live wager tracking that makes settling up easy. During play, golfers can see the live status of the competition and plan shots using hole maps and GPS. Off the course, players can post their scores and stats to their Handicap Index and Leaderboard profile, chat with friends in full-featured group chats that feature leaderboards and native golf content, and keep up with their friends’ latest rounds via a modern social feed.

CDGA members will be able to launch Leaderboard directly from the home screen of the existing My CDGA mobile application, where members will still be able to manage their membership and post scores.

“We’re building a digital home for this generation’s golfers. It’s been a goal of ours from the start to run our games with official handicaps rather than develop an alternative system,” said Riley Pratt, Founder and CEO of Leaderboard. “We’ve been really impressed with the CDGA’s focus on delivering a great membership experience and are thrilled to work together in building a thriving digital community and on-course experience for golfers.”

Features coming to Leaderboard

About the Chicago District Golf Association

The Chicago District Golf Association (CDGA) is authorized by the United States Golf Association (USGA) as the governing body for amateur golf in our region. The CDGA is a membership organization consisting of more than 103,000 individual golfers and 400 clubs in Illinois and parts of Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin. Golfers receive member offers, a Handicap Index® from the USGA® and competitive playing opportunities, while clubs receive Course Rating™ and Slope Rating™ measuring services, turfgrass diagnostics and educational seminars. The CDGA also creates opportunities for everyone to experience the benefits of the game through therapeutic and recreational Outreach Programs, with an emphasis on serving individuals with special needs, youth and veterans. For more information visit

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Casey Richards

About Leaderboard

Leaderboard is a golf app for managing group games and tracking solo play. Golfers can set up and score games with friends on the app, manage wagers and settle up after rounds, or play together non-competitively.

Leaderboard strives to be the place of record for one’s golf life and is designed for the many ways golfers play. Leaderboard is the only app that offers solo play, group games, and wagering with the option of using a player’s sanctioned Handicap Index.

The app launched in 2022 and is available on iOS in the United States (coming to Android in summer 2023).

To download the app, go here.

For more information about Leaderboard, visit

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Media Contact:

Riley Pratt

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