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Announcing: Tournaments!

Supercharge your group with live scoring and wager tracking for up to 100 players!

Supercharge your group with live scoring and wager tracking for up to 100 players!

We're thrilled to announce the rollout of exciting new features aimed at transforming the playing experience for golfers, groups and tournament organizers!

Our latest product updates center around a new tournaments platform, which includes:

  • Live scoring for up to 100 players

  • Wager tracking, with real-time updates on where players stand on money games

  • New game formats to support a majority of the games groups play, including Stroke Play, Stableford, Match Play, Nassau, Scramble, Alternate Shot and Chapman

  • Optional Skins Pots alongside any game type

  • Side games, a new wager-tracking engine that allows players to track unlimited games at the same time against any player or team in any group on the course

  • Autopress tracking for Nassau and Match Play wagers

Our latest updates support events of all sizes, enhancing the competitive and social experience for groups. We’ve talked to countless organizers of weekend money games, buddy trips, and outings, and found that the tools available for everyday golfers to organize and run their own games are lacking. We built features for groups that make events more fun and give a home to the history and identity that so often live in a spreadsheet or an email chain.

The features are bolstered by our USGA® integration, which allows players to link and post to their official Handicap Index®. Golfers’ Course Handicap™ and Playing Handicap™ are calculated automatically for games using their up-to-date index. 

Looking for a home for your group to organize, run and share games? Check it out now!

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