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Introducing Golf Group Chats and Communities

Create a private group for your golf friends or public community to find golfers like yourself.

Create a private group for your golf friends or public community to find golfers like yourself.

Today we're launching public and private groups designed for golf friend groups and communities. Groups makes it easy to share golf rounds with the people that matter, get a 360 view of their golf activities, and talk about golf where the golf is happening. Upgrade to version 1.8.0 in the App Store to start using groups.

Anyone can create a group on Leaderboard and invite friends on the app or via a group-specific link. 

Here are some of the things you can do with groups:

Create a Private Group 

Perfect for groups of friends, families, and clubs. Users must be invited in order to join.

Create a Public Group

Great for larger communities and interest groups that want to be discoverable. Anyone can find and join a public group from the search tab. 

Customize Your Group

Choose a name, set the group's avatar, and add a description. Group creators and admins can also customize the group's settings.

Chat With Your Group

Engage with the group in the discussion tab using our full-featured chat with image posts, GIFs, and message reactions. Group member rounds are automatically posted to chat for instant reaction.

View Group Stats and Leaderboard

View a summary of the group's activities and average scores over a customizable date range. Check out where you stand on the Leaderboards of rounds and handicaps. 

Post Rounds To Chat

After entering a round on Leaderboard, select which groups you want to post the round to. Group members will receive a notification for instant reactions and commentary.

Grow Your Group

Grow your group by sharing a public invite link outside of Leaderboard. Copy the link for your group in group settings.

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