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About Leaderboard

Leaderboard is a social platform for golf. The app makes it easy to play on-course games, settle up wagers, and share golf experiences with friends. Our team at Leaderboard is passionate about building a highly-engaged community of golfers, encouraging new people to try golf, and making the game we love even more fun.

At a Glance

  • Founded in 2021

  • Launched in the App Store in May 2022

  • Our small but growing team is based in New York City

  • Leaderboard’s investors include DVx Ventures, led by former Tesla President and COO of Lyft Jon McNeill

  • Leaderboard was co-founded through DVx's Co-Build program


Duke grad launches golf app for the social world

Ohio native and former golf coach Riley Pratt didn’t set out to be an entrepreneur when he was looking at colleges. He set out to be a college basketball player – “But then I got accepted to Duke at early decision… so I retired my basketball career early,” he said.

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